New to Guns?

Me shooting grape soda cans in the Mojve desert

Me shooting grape soda cans in the Mojve desert

I like to shoot guns!  They’re fun, and serve as a great form of protection if need be.  Do you want to start exercising your rights and purchase a firearm?  Great!  The internet is flooded with info on this topic, but hopefully I can give you a good jumping off point.  I must preface this by saying you need to be legally allowed to own and be mentally capable of handling a gun.  That being said, here are some questions you need to answer.


What is the purpose of your firearm?

Guns are tools and you need the right tool for the job.  If you want one for home defense, don’t choose a hunting rifle with a scope.  (I’ll have other posts going more in depth for the different types later.)

What caliber should you choose?

Again just like the weapon itself, each caliber fills a particular role.  Some do many things well and some don’t.  If you plan on shooting for fun, don’t choose a caliber that is expensive or hard to find.  That will suck the joy out of going to the range.


Who can possibly gain access to your firearm?

If you live in a high crime area, or you have children, protect yourself and/or your kids.  Obviously we do not want to arm criminals or create a situation that would end in a negligent discharge.  The only time you want that gun to go off is when YOU pull the trigger.  The best safety measure is to “keep your booger hooker off the bang switch.”  Guns do NOT fire themselves.  There is a reason they call it a “negligent discharge.”

Should I get training?

If this firearm is for home or personal defense, get training.  It is for your safety and for others around you.  And you must practice that training.  This is a perishable resource.


Be safe.  Use wisdom.  And congrats on exercising your right as a US citizen.

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