Pimp Yo Shades


These sunglasses from Oakley seem to call my name.  They look as if they were designed by some apocalyptic desert hero.  Maybe that’s a stretch, but you have to agree that they’re pretty dope.  Here’s my issue, and it’s not Oakley’s fault; a pair of Oakley’s are not in the budget for me right now.  So here comes another Big 5 special and a Home Depot trip to the rescue…


Prep Your Shades – Clean the lenses and frames with rubbing alcohol and tape the lenses with painter’s tape (I used Frog Tape).  I purchased a pair of digital camouflage sunglasses from Big 5.  You can pop the lenses out if you’re brave, but I didn’t want to risk them accidentally falling out on their own later.


Camo colorsRust-Oleum has a line of very flat camo colors that are awesome.  I chose “Fossil.”

Seal Them? – After you’ve applied a couple light coats and you’re satisfied with the look, you can seal it with flat/satin clear coat.  I didn’t seal mine just yet and I’m not sure I will.  But if you want to protect them from scratching, it’ll help.


I love the way mine turned out.  And what’s more?  I have plenty of paint left over to camo my shotgun in the near future.  Let me know if you tried this!  Or let me know if there’s something else I should try.

Be safe.  Use wisdom.  God bless.

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