Carrying a Bible


Why I carry a hard copy Bible.

Batteries Die – Let’s face it, no matter how hard we try to maintain the battery, our electronic devices often fail us.  We can live without cell phones, but we cannot live without the Word.   Matthew 4:4

A Witness to Others – You can carry your Bible on your phone and no one would ever know what you believe or what you carry.  When people see a real Bible, there’s no question who you study.  Also, it may strike up an opportunity for you to share the gospel or give encouragement.  Just remember to actually read it though and not just use it as a conversation piece.  1 Peter 3:15

It Never Changes – With today’s tech and the growing persecution of Christians, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone tried to add or take away scripture from an online Bible.  Revelation 22:19

Others Know Which Bible You Read – There are so many people who call themselves Christians, yet they read a different bible – LDS, Catholics, or Muslims, for example.  It’s important for non-believers to know that followers of man-made religions do not live according to the Living Word.  2 Peter 2


I have found it really easy to carry my Bible with a bag.  You could use a backpack but if that seems like a lot, try the 5.11 P.U.S.H. Pack.  I wrote a review here.  It doesn’t look like a purse and there are other good uses for it as well.  Remember…. let’s not thump people with it.  But let’s tell the truth as inspired by the Holy Spirit, with love.  John 3:16

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