Bitter Coffee Made Better

coffeegunThrough the years I’ve found tricks to achieving quality coffee without it being overly complicated.  Grab your beans and let’s get brewing.

Grind Your Beans – I have found coffee grinders as inexpensive as $20.  A Magic Bullet works really well too, but it is LOUD.  Either way, it takes a few seconds to have the grounds ready to brew.  THIS is coffee you can drink black, and it won’t get as bitter as pre-ground.

Add Salt – Yup!  Just a pinch of salt to your grounds will take away even more bitter taste.

My favorite coffee beens.My favorite coffee beens.

Smell the Coffee Beans – One of the things I love about coffee is that most of the time, you can get a good idea about how the coffee will taste by smelling the beans.  If they smell bitter, they most likely will be.  However, try the tricks above before you throw them out. 

Use Filtered Water – Only use water you would drink.  If the water tastes bad, so will your coffee.  If you’re looking into filtering your own water, check out ZEROWATER.  

Clean Your Machine – When it seems like your coffee is getting more bitter, clean whatever it is you use to brew.  For your standard drip machine I use white vinegar and water.  Run the machine with just water a couple times before your next pot of coffee.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.23.54 AMEven if you only use one of the tricks I gave, the quality of your coffee will noticeably improve.  And please check out my post on a healthy creamer alternative if having it black isn’t your thang.

Be safe.  Use Wisdom.  God Bless.

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