Why Smart People Carry a Knife


I can’t count how many times I have cringed watching someone try to cut open a box with a blunt pair of scissors, or a pen, or a ridiculous kitchen knife.  Usually, that same person who nearly stabs themselves over and over again with the aforementioned objects, STILL has the gall to tell me they don’t need to carry a knife.  Well, I’m hoping I can help bring you the “dark side” and prevent you from losing an eye or taking a trip to the ER for stitches and a pint of blood.  These are just a few reasons to carry a knife but we must start somewhere so here we go…


Ok, maybe not a good toothpick choice…

It’s a Tool – Over and over, no matter what circle you’re in, you will become the guy that everybody knows to come to when they need a knife.  I can’t wait for my next knife post when I go through the blade options out there.  You can find exactly what knife fits your lifestyle the best.


Easy to Carry – Many knives are smaller than a cell phone and can practically disappear until you need.  There are a lot of low profile designs and many ways to carry them easily.  Even if you wear a suit and tie everyday, there is one out there for you.


Protection – This world isn’t getting any safer, let’s be honest.  God forbid, but in a case of life or death, this is a good last ditch option.  Some are better than others for defense, but the best one is the one you have on you.


You’re a Man – A knife is an awesome tool and arguably one of the first.  Even if you’re not handy, this will make you become handy in some capacity.  Plus, you can learn to play Mumbly Peg!  Check out The Art of Manliness YouTube channel to learn how to play, and of course The Art of Manliness blog page.

I’ve carried a knife for over 20 years (stemming from Boy Scouts).  Forgive the double negative, but I have never, not found them handy.  You may even start to appreciate a knife’s simplicity and beauty as well as its usefulness.

Be safe.  Use wisdom.  God bless-

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