Knife Carry Options for Newbies

KifeHeaderKnives have paid an important role in society throughout the centuries.  They’re not just weapons.  A knife to a young boy can signify a right of passage into young adulthood.  In a third world country, knives are a basic necessity.  With the advent of new technology and free time, we have a vast selection of specialized knives for specific tasks.  In this post, I’m going to stick to knives we use in urban areas and maybe the occasional hiking trail.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.32.12 PM

Victorinox – A lot of professionals like the Victorinox Swiss Army Knives.  They are no where near scary when you’re surrounded by executive types and they are super handy.  Even the tactical nuts keep a small one or two nearby.  Many young guys and girl’s first knives are Swiss Army Knives too.

OldTimerKnifeThe “Old Timer” Style Pocket Knife – This is a small but sturdy knife that you can throw in the third pocket of your jeans or in a pair of slacks.  It has a locking blade so it’s a little safer should you need to thwart an attacker, but it won’t scare the “sheeple” around you. 

KershawModern Flippers and Folding Knives – Any of the mid size to larger folding knives will be more suited for harder tasks and self defense.  There are just a couple of things you need to look for.  The thickness of the knife is something many people take into account if they don’t like having bulky items in their pockets.   Also, it needs to have a solid lockup when the knife is open.  Basically the knife shouldn’t wiggle much, if at all when open.  I would recommend anything from Spyderco Knives, or Kershaw Knives.

FixedBladeFixed Blades – I LOVE fixed blades.  Unlike folding knives, fixed blades are infinitely stronger simply because there are no moving parts.  As long as it was made from decent steel, this knife should serve you well.  The knife I’m wearing above is one of my own creations.  Check out my post on how to make one for yourself and be sure to check your local laws when it comes to carrying fixed blades.

I know you can find the knife for you.  Remember that a sharp knife is a safe knife and you may start to wonder how you ever went through life without it.

Be safe.  Use wisdom.  God bless.

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