Micro Get Home/EDC Bag

EDCBagMany of us want to be ready in case of natural or man made disasters.  However, many of these bags we put together aren’t always with us.  I wanted to put together a bare-bones emergency kit that I could keep on me always.  I’ll show you what I have now and what else I need to get for this micro get home bag/EDC (everyday carry). 

5.11 P.U.S.H. Pack – Basically, this bag holds some basics while I’m out on short trips.  I used to use it as my Bible bag but I’m going for a smaller, Army issue Bible so I can have some emergency gear in it as well.

EDCScarfNotepad & Pen – I have a Moleskin notebook with a leather cover I made.  I’m going to replace it with a write in the rain notepad and make another leather cover for it.  The write in the rain notepad is a little smaller (contact list inside if cell towers are down or your phone is dead).

Bandana/Scarf – I keep a scarf or shamage in all my bags.  I’ve spent a little time on the street at night, and without four walls, you might need some barrier from the wind or the cold.

Small fire kit.

Small fire kit.

Some self explanatory stuff are:

I know this looks like a lot, but it all fits in the bag I’ve chosen.  I feel this is more than what I need in most situations when I’m not too far from home.  The items may adjust over time, but we need to start somewhere. 

Be safe.  Use wisdom.  God bless.

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  1. […] will have the ability to make one whenever you want.  Put a couple sets of strings in your emergency kit/get home bag, and you have the makings of an instrument to order.  You won’t be playing Mozart necessarily, […]


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