The Best Handgun Caliber EVER!

HandgunCalWhen will this caliber debate end?!  Probably never, because with any new advancement in firearms technology, an enormous amount of staunch opinions are formed.  Many new owners or soon to be owners of a handgun ask this question…  “Which caliber is best?”  I won’t give you a lecture, but I will tell you why I chose 9mm and why it works for me.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 2.21.23 PMAmmo is Cheap – Out of all the other calibers, it is more common, available, and inexpensive.

Lower Recoil – I have no issues with the .45acp.  However, I can shoot faster and stay more on target than I can with a .45acp.  I plain do not like the 40cal.  The supercharged round wears guns out sooner and the ballistics aren’t that impressive.  You can learn to shoot anything well, but it was less of a learning curve for me to choose 9mm.


S&W M&P Shield with Talon Grips

Capacity – The full size .45acp single stack only holds about 7-8 rounds.  The double stack holds a little more, but many 9mm holds up to 17 rounds.  For 7-9 rounds, I can get a much more concealable package with decent ballistics out of my Shield.    

A Proven Round in the Field – The 9mm has served the military, police, and civilians alike for a long time.  For personal and home defense (what I need it for), it’s perfect.

9mm, 5.56 x 49, 1oz shotgun slug

9mm, 5.56 x 49, 1oz slug

Stopping Power – The only rounds that have stopping power are rifle and shotgun rounds.  Any handgun round MUST hit either the heart, spinal column, or ocular cavity in order to “put down” your attacker.

9mmChoiceRemember to think about what you need your gun to accomplish.  The 9mm is not the end all be all, but it fills the roll I need it to fill.  If you think you might come in contact with a bear, you will need something MUCH bigger.  For now, the only bear I’ve seen is on our state flag.

Be safe.  Use wisdom.  Have fun at the range.  God bless-

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