Looking for Your Keys?

WeaponLightThere are pros and cons to a weapon-mounted light on your home defense gun.  Yes, you need a weapon-mounted light, but there are only certain situations where this is a good tactic.  In many cases, the need for a handheld light is just as imperative.


This photo is not for training purposes. This is just an example of muzzle awareness.

Searching Your House – If you hear that dreaded bump in the night, the first thing you want to do is round up your family (wife, kids, in-law staying the night, etc).  I don’t want the muzzle pointed anywhere near my loved ones, so in this instance, I would lead with the handheld flashlight first.  Just in case, I’ll also have a pistol in my other hand to address any possible threat.  If you live alone, then it may not be necessary to double fist a flashlight and a handgun.  However, I would consider ANY situation that would call for a handheld light over a weapon-mounted light.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 11.36.04 AMCivil Unrest – I wouldn’t want to get caught up in any sort of civil unrest – the1992 L.A. riots, nor the recent Ferguson riots, for example.  If you ever find yourself in this predicament, then this is a good example of where a weapon mounted light may be handy.  You might need your other hand to carry supplies or a small child to safety.  Perhaps you brought out the long gun at this point and you’re not wielding that thing with one hand.  This is a good time to have that light mounted. 

Lost your keys? – Please don’t be that guy that uses a weapon mounted light to look for stuff… please… just don’t.  Get a handheld flashlight.  Do I need to elaborate?  I hope not.

All this being said, have a plan for these type of situations. Freedom comes with big responsibility.  If you’re anything like me, you will want the people you love to feel safe with you.  It’s our job as protectors and leaders to be mindful of these things.  

Be safe.  Use wisdom.  God Bless.

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