Too Accurate to Ignore

Book of DanielThe past couple of Sundays, we’ve been traveling through the book of Daniel in the Old Testament.  Daniel is not a mythical man created to teach a lesson.  He is a living example of true integrity and steadfast faith in the Lord, despite what’s being said and done in the culture around him.  I found an awesome teacher by the name of Dr. David Jeremiah who wrote an article you need to check out.  I do not believe it’s ever coincidence when it comes to God and I am blessed to be able to share with you what he has to say about Daniel.  Why Daniel?  by Dr. David Jeremiah

The perfect song for anyone going against the culture! 

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 10.37.00 PM

Joshua 24:15

Be safe.  Use wisdom.  God bless.

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