I’m Back… and in the Backwoods


What is it like moving out of the city into…well…not the city?  I’m not talking about leaving civilization (although I often daydream about living on a homestead in Alaska). However, leaving a big city and moving to a small town is a great escape if you’re tired of light pollution and heavy traffic.  In fact, it’s not really taking a huge dive into the unknown.  At least for me and my small family, it seems as if it should always be this way.

Small Towns – Come sundown, you better have all you need for the night, because as my mother would put it, “they roll up the streets at five.”  No late night trips to satisfy your fast food craving and no…“Dang!  We’re out of toilet paper!” after dinner.  What you have is what you’ve got until morning so be ready.

Peace and Quiet – This is the most refreshing thing about leaving a big city.  At night, it gets quiet.  It helps you relax your nerves from the day and settle in to what home should feel like – a sanctuary.  I can’t tell you how much I hate wannabe street racers, police sirens at night, and early morning gardeners with a leaf blower at your apartment   window. 

Firearms – If you’re a shooter, hunter, or you just like to plink around, then you can definitely benefit from moving out of the city for obvious reasons.  You won’t need to travel far to spend some brass and most indoor ranges only allow pistol calibers.  It goes without saying that living a little closer to the wild is an aspect I enjoy very much.


Keeping busy waiting for internet.  My first hidden tang build.  Follow me on Instagram for my DIY and knife builds.

You may find that visiting places outside of a big city is enough for you.  Or you may find that you don’t want to go back!  I could keep writing about the many benefits to living this way (and believe me I will, but I’ll save it for another post).  Welcome back to my blog and thanks for your patience.  It took a while to get internet up here, but I’m back in business!

Be safe.  Use wisdom.  God bless.

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