Never Enough Paracord

We’ve all seen them, heard of them, and probably made them…paracord bracelets. They weren’t much to write home about until recently when I ran across a company called RE Factor Tactical.  They make a lot of awesome items for paracord and many other cool survival items in general.  You can have a lot melded into this […]

On the List – Fixed Blades

I’ve already expressed my love for fixed blades, but you don’t have to spend enormous amounts of cash on a hand made knife to find quality.  These production knives are on my list of “to gets,” and they’re worth more than their weight in pesos.  Check it… Esee Izula – This knife is just about […]

The Best Handgun Caliber EVER!

When will this caliber debate end?!  Probably never, because with any new advancement in firearms technology, an enormous amount of staunch opinions are formed.  Many new owners or soon to be owners of a handgun ask this question…  “Which caliber is best?”  I won’t give you a lecture, but I will tell you why I […]

Micro Get Home/EDC Bag

Many of us want to be ready in case of natural or man made disasters.  However, many of these bags we put together aren’t always with us.  I wanted to put together a bare-bones emergency kit that I could keep on me always.  I’ll show you what I have now and what else I need […]

Daniel and Babylon

Is it possible to have faith like Daniel’s in Babylon?  He watched 70 years of rulers go by; some good and some very bad – all the while knowing he and his people were in captivity.  Sometimes I envision him standing before these kings very calm, stoic, and without a word to defend or condemn […]

Pimp Yo Shades Part 2

If you haven’t seen Part 1, Check it out HERE…  Ok, now that we’re up to speed, I have the next and final step for this particular pair of shades.  I found stencils from, and once I saw them I HAD to add some flair to my already pimped out shades.  I got the […]

Knife Carry Options for Newbies

Knives have paid an important role in society throughout the centuries.  They’re not just weapons.  A knife to a young boy can signify a right of passage into young adulthood.  In a third world country, knives are a basic necessity.  With the advent of new technology and free time, we have a vast selection of specialized […]

California Drought and Water Quality

The drought has many people in California realizing the serious need for clean and available drinking water.  Recently, it seems as though there has been, in some cases, double the amount of sediment and/or particles in tap water.  In my home, the tap water smells like chlorine.  More well water sources are being tapped by the agricultural […]

The Golden Head of Babylon

In the book of Daniel, we find four accounts of King Nebuchadnezzar, the first king of Babylon.  (Daniel chapter 1-4)  I believe Nebuchadnezzar was, in the end, a believer, and that we will meet good ol’ Nebby in heaven.  Strange to think about, but as I read through Daniel, I realized that the fourth account […]

Why Smart People Carry a Knife

I can’t count how many times I have cringed watching someone try to cut open a box with a blunt pair of scissors, or a pen, or a ridiculous kitchen knife.  Usually, that same person who nearly stabs themselves over and over again with the aforementioned objects, STILL has the gall to tell me they […]