Forcing a Knife Patina

Forcing a Knife Patina

A high carbon blade can rust if you don’t take care of it.  The best way to help protect it, in my opinion, is to force a patina.  I’m going to show you how to do it and you won’t need to look any further than your pantry or fridge.  The finish will depend on […]

Time to Play With Kydex

By now most of us know what Kydex is.  It has great attributes for the barer of the knife to be sure but it also allows knife makers to spend more time making knives and less time stitching leather.  However, I’ve found that there are some learning curves to figure out.  I won’t go into all […]

Knife Making Tips

If you haven’t tried to make a knife yet, I would like to strongly encourage you to do so.  It’s an awesome weekend project, or if you’re into fine details, you can take as much time as you like.  I happen to have a knife blank from a file that I never finished in the […]

Too Accurate to Ignore

The past couple of Sundays, we’ve been traveling through the book of Daniel in the Old Testament.  Daniel is not a mythical man created to teach a lesson.  He is a living example of true integrity and steadfast faith in the Lord, despite what’s being said and done in the culture around him.  I found […]

Looking for Your Keys?

There are pros and cons to a weapon-mounted light on your home defense gun.  Yes, you need a weapon-mounted light, but there are only certain situations where this is a good tactic.  In many cases, the need for a handheld light is just as imperative. Searching Your House – If you hear that dreaded bump in […]

Never Enough Paracord

We’ve all seen them, heard of them, and probably made them…paracord bracelets. They weren’t much to write home about until recently when I ran across a company called RE Factor Tactical.  They make a lot of awesome items for paracord and many other cool survival items in general.  You can have a lot melded into this […]

Micro Get Home/EDC Bag

Many of us want to be ready in case of natural or man made disasters.  However, many of these bags we put together aren’t always with us.  I wanted to put together a bare-bones emergency kit that I could keep on me always.  I’ll show you what I have now and what else I need […]

Daniel and Babylon

Is it possible to have faith like Daniel’s in Babylon?  He watched 70 years of rulers go by; some good and some very bad – all the while knowing he and his people were in captivity.  Sometimes I envision him standing before these kings very calm, stoic, and without a word to defend or condemn […]