Never Enough Paracord

We’ve all seen them, heard of them, and probably made them…paracord bracelets. They weren’t much to write home about until recently when I ran across a company called RE Factor Tactical.  They make a lot of awesome items for paracord and many other cool survival items in general.  You can have a lot melded into this […]

Micro Get Home/EDC Bag

Many of us want to be ready in case of natural or man made disasters.  However, many of these bags we put together aren’t always with us.  I wanted to put together a bare-bones emergency kit that I could keep on me always.  I’ll show you what I have now and what else I need […]

On the List

This wish list has a few small, but top of the list items that are on my radar.  Lanco Tactical Grip Stop – The Lanco Tactical Grip Stop was designed by a retired US Marine.  It’s made from billet aluminum. It’s very low profile yet incredibly ergonomic. I believe this Grip Stop fits my shooting […]

Pimp Yo Shades

These sunglasses from Oakley seem to call my name.  They look as if they were designed by some apocalyptic desert hero.  Maybe that’s a stretch, but you have to agree that they’re pretty dope.  Here’s my issue, and it’s not Oakley’s fault; a pair of Oakley’s are not in the budget for me right now.  So here comes […]