Looking for Your Keys?

There are pros and cons to a weapon-mounted light on your home defense gun.  Yes, you need a weapon-mounted light, but there are only certain situations where this is a good tactic.  In many cases, the need for a handheld light is just as imperative. Searching Your House – If you hear that dreaded bump in […]

Speed Reloaders

If you shoot very often, you already know that loading magazines gets to be a little tedious.  If you’re not wearing gloves, the feed lips start to bite your fingers and they can get sore after a while.  I found this loader for my AR-15 while browsing through Bass Pro one day and because of […]

Protecting the Homestead: First time gun buyers

I believe many people outside of the gun culture have too many false ideas of what are good and bad choices for home defense.  If you’re new to this way of life, here are some good choices when it comes to what makes an effective firearm for defending the homestead.  No matter what you choose, […]

S&W Shield Problem Solved!

Because S&W Shield is a fantastic little subcompact, naturally, there have been plenty of people trying to find things wrong with it – mostly Glock fanboys.  However there was one little possible issue that actually CAN have an affect on your safety…the eight round magazine that comes with it. While carrying, a small plastic extension may slide up the […]

On the List

This wish list has a few small, but top of the list items that are on my radar.  Lanco Tactical Grip Stop – The Lanco Tactical Grip Stop was designed by a retired US Marine.  It’s made from billet aluminum. It’s very low profile yet incredibly ergonomic. I believe this Grip Stop fits my shooting […]

New to Guns?

I like to shoot guns!  They’re fun, and serve as a great form of protection if need be.  Do you want to start exercising your rights and purchase a firearm?  Great!  The internet is flooded with info on this topic, but hopefully I can give you a good jumping off point.  I must preface this by saying […]