Bitter Coffee Made Better

Through the years I’ve found tricks to achieving quality coffee without it being overly complicated.  Grab your beans and let’s get brewing. Grind Your Beans – I have found coffee grinders as inexpensive as $20.  A Magic Bullet works really well too, but it is LOUD.  Either way, it takes a few seconds to have […]

Carne Asada My Way (Skirt Steak)

This is not your standard Mexican meat market marinade.  Even though it’s easy to throw together, it’s so good you won’t forget the taste.  First off, you’re going to marinate this overnight for the best result.  However, if you’re expecting guests soon, 30min to an hour is good too. Ingredients – Salt, garlic powder, onion powder, […]

The Healthiest Coffee Creamer

I’ve been a coffee drinker for 15 years.  Iced, sweetened, straight black, double/triple shots, syrup, I’ve done it all.  One day I made the mistake of reading the ingredient list of my favorite vanilla creamer.  I couldn’t ignore the fact that most of the ingredients were dangerous to ingest. With a bit of experimentation,  I […]