Pimp Yo Shades Part 2

If you haven’t seen Part 1, Check it out HERE…  Ok, now that we’re up to speed, I have the next and final step for this particular pair of shades.  I found stencils from Montactical.com, and once I saw them I HAD to add some flair to my already pimped out shades.  I got the […]

The Golden Head of Babylon

In the book of Daniel, we find four accounts of King Nebuchadnezzar, the first king of Babylon.  (Daniel chapter 1-4)  I believe Nebuchadnezzar was, in the end, a believer, and that we will meet good ol’ Nebby in heaven.  Strange to think about, but as I read through Daniel, I realized that the fourth account […]

Speed Reloaders

If you shoot very often, you already know that loading magazines gets to be a little tedious.  If you’re not wearing gloves, the feed lips start to bite your fingers and they can get sore after a while.  I found this loader for my AR-15 while browsing through Bass Pro one day and because of […]

Bitter Coffee Made Better

Through the years I’ve found tricks to achieving quality coffee without it being overly complicated.  Grab your beans and let’s get brewing. Grind Your Beans – I have found coffee grinders as inexpensive as $20.  A Magic Bullet works really well too, but it is LOUD.  Either way, it takes a few seconds to have […]

Protecting the Homestead: First time gun buyers

I believe many people outside of the gun culture have too many false ideas of what are good and bad choices for home defense.  If you’re new to this way of life, here are some good choices when it comes to what makes an effective firearm for defending the homestead.  No matter what you choose, […]

S&W Shield Problem Solved!

Because S&W Shield is a fantastic little subcompact, naturally, there have been plenty of people trying to find things wrong with it – mostly Glock fanboys.  However there was one little possible issue that actually CAN have an affect on your safety…the eight round magazine that comes with it. While carrying, a small plastic extension may slide up the […]

Carne Asada My Way (Skirt Steak)

This is not your standard Mexican meat market marinade.  Even though it’s easy to throw together, it’s so good you won’t forget the taste.  First off, you’re going to marinate this overnight for the best result.  However, if you’re expecting guests soon, 30min to an hour is good too. Ingredients – Salt, garlic powder, onion powder, […]

On the List

This wish list has a few small, but top of the list items that are on my radar.  Lanco Tactical Grip Stop – The Lanco Tactical Grip Stop was designed by a retired US Marine.  It’s made from billet aluminum. It’s very low profile yet incredibly ergonomic. I believe this Grip Stop fits my shooting […]

Carrying a Bible

Why I carry a hard copy Bible. Batteries Die – Let’s face it, no matter how hard we try to maintain the battery, our electronic devices often fail us.  We can live without cell phones, but we cannot live without the Word.   Matthew 4:4 A Witness to Others – You can carry your Bible on […]

Pimp Yo Shades

These sunglasses from Oakley seem to call my name.  They look as if they were designed by some apocalyptic desert hero.  Maybe that’s a stretch, but you have to agree that they’re pretty dope.  Here’s my issue, and it’s not Oakley’s fault; a pair of Oakley’s are not in the budget for me right now.  So here comes […]